Here at The Electric Fireplace Shop, we have the utmost confidence in the products we sell and believe these units are built to last. However, sometimes that's not always the case. Sometimes after many years of working, the electric fire may start to make a ticking noise, heater might not work, remote may break, or it simply might not turn on. Don't worry, we can fix it! We have experienced repairmen that can solve almost any issue that may arise. 

If your product is no longer under warranty, that's not a problem. We can still get parts, and it can be fixed. All we ask is for customers to bring in your broken electric fireplace, and we can attend to it in a timely fashion and have your home warm again. Repair costs vary depending on the problem, and an estimate can be given over the phone. Please be aware that some electric fireplace brands are no longer in business, which cannot be fixed. We sell only major brands of electric fireplaces that can be fixed.