About The Electric Fireplace Shop

As a family business that began in 2000, we know the importance of providing the highest level of customer service and only the best electric fireplaces.

We are proud to have the largest selection of Electric Fireplaces on display in the GTA and surrounding area!

We also offer a delivery and setup service for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable setting up mantels, or simply needs the electric fire delivered to them. 

Electric fireplaces offer a number of benefits that make them the best option for any residential and commercial application.

Versatile – Electric fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, quickly and efficiently. This is because they do not require flues, vents or chimneys and there are no regulatory or planning issues associate with their installation

Environmentally Friendly – Electric fireplaces are 100% efficient and do not emit any pollutants, including particulates and carbon monoxide.

Safe – Electric fireplaces maintain a healthy indoor environment and are often cool to the touch. In addition, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions when you use electric.

Year Round Use – In most electric fireplaces, the heat and flame operate independent of one another. This means that you can use the fireplace in the winter to stay warm, but still enjoy the flame during the warmer months, by turning off the heat.

Our wide selection of Electric Fireplaces include:

  •    Wall mounts
  •    Inserts
  •    Mantels
  •    Entertainment centers
  •    Our own custom designs

We pride ourselves in our ability to find each client the perfect electric fireplace for their space using our extensive knowledge, skills and experience.

Visit us today to find your perfect fireplace!