Tight on space? Consider making this your new look

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed our last blog post.. here at The Electric Fireplace Shop, we're always trying to offer customers new and unique looks to their living space involving electric fireplaces. The one look that is tried, trusted, and reliable is the TV above, floating mantel (shelf) in the middle, with the electric fireplace at the bottom. We designed this look and made it come to life here in our show room. We received a lot of great feed back, and in turn we had a lot of customers asking for this exact look in their home. Take a look at some of the photos our customers have been kind of to send us!


This is one of our most recent photos sent to us. We absolutely love the white brick and white surround complimented by the black frames provided by the stunning Napoleon NEFL-50FH, and TV.


We love this one because it appears our customer can enjoy getting in a nice work out while enjoying their beautiful setup! The shelves on each side is a nice feature too!



This is the setup that is displayed in our show room. It's been nearly 6 years since we've had this design in our show room and it's given countless customers ideas for what they can do in their home.


What do you guys think? We want to hear from you and your ideas in which we can make our show room better, and our designs better! Thanks for giving our blog and read, and we'll be back again with another blog post soon!


- The Electric Fireplace Shop