Lily's pick of the week!

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Lily's pick of the week!

Each week we like to bring in one of our dogs, or when customers bring in their dogs - we like to see which fireplaces they like to sit in front of. This week, we brought our beautiful dog, Lily, to the store for the day and it didn't take her long to choose a fireplace that she wanted to curl up in front of. She's has terrific taste because she sat in front of one our brand new custom entertainment suites. Shown with the Dimplex BLF3451, this custom mantel has a drop down shelf and hidden side storage on both sides. Since it is custom, it can come in any size of your choosing and any color as well!

We had previously posted this picture on other social media platforms, but we thought this was worth sharing one more time with a bit more detail. 

Being in the fireplace business for well over 3 decades, it has brought us a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction doing what we love, day in and day out. Another passion of ours is dogs. We currently have three, and they bring a lot of comfort and joy to our lives outside of work. Lily is a special story, one that is far different from any dog we've ever had. Lily is a rescue dog all the way from Costa Rica. We decided to rescue Lily because there's no better feeling than giving someone a second opportunity in life. Lily flew to her forever home in Canada in December and we haven't looked back since. She is a cheerful, easy going, and beautiful dog that has hit the ground running into our family.


I hope you guys enjoyed that short story of Lily, let us know if you have any amazing stories about your dogs!