Modern Flames Ambiance Wall Mount Electric Fireplace AL45CLX2-G

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The Modern Flames CLX2 series is original linear wall mounted electric fireplace that made an industry evolution. Never before did any manufacturer think about putting an electric fireplace into a 2 x 4 wall until the induction of the CLX series in 2010. The CLX2 series comes with features such as blue and orange LED flame colors, glacier crystals and coals that can be changed whenever you desire, and built-in touch screen which offers a thermostat feature. Heat emits from the bottom of the electric fireplace which allows you to use your TV above the electric fireplace safely. The CLX2 comes in 5 different sizes: 45", 60", 80", 100" and 144".


Brand Modern Flames
Finish Black,White,Stainless Steel, or Black Stainless Steel
Style Contemporary
Fuel Bed Glass,Coal
Installation Wall
Mounting Options
Weight 65 lbs+
Volts 120
Amps 12.75
Watts 1530
BTUs 5000
Wiring Plug-In
Bulb Type LED
Heating Area 450 sq.ft
Remote Control Options Multi-function
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year